A Guide to Instagram Stories

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February 21, 2020 – A Step By Step Guide to Fundraise Using Instagram and Venmo


  1. First, you’ll want to visit your Instagram profile and select the blue plus symbol to create your Instagram story.
  2. Next, you’ll swipe up and select the image you wish to share.
  3. After you select your image, you’ll want to choose the “sticker” button at the top of your story settings (it resembles a rounded square with a smiley face inside).

4. You’ll want to choose the “poll” option in your sticker options.

5. Your poll will appear over your story. Click in the button to adjust the poll options. We suggest leaving “YES” and then typing in “MAKE IT $10.”

6. Then click “Done.”

7. Move your poll over the poll place holder (you can drag and drop it). You can also adjust the size by making a pinching motion on your screen over the poll.

8. Once your poll is in place, click the “send to” button at the bottom of your screen.

9. Next, click the blue “share” button at the top of your screen next to where it says “Your Story.”

7. Next, add a new story by returning back to your profile. The blue plus will be gone, and you should select the small camera icon on the top left of your profile. Add your second Instagram story!

8. Once you choose your image, you’ll want to select the text button at the top of your story settings (looks like an Aa) and type in your Venmo handle, NOT your Instagram handle, then select the white done button at the top right. You can adjust the size of your type on the right and click the button at the top to change the font of your type! We recommend something small and readable so that it can fit on the line in the premade graphic.

9. Next, drag your Venmo handle and place it on the line provided. Next, click the blue “share” button at the top of your screen next to where it says “Your Story.” Now you’re ready to go!

Things to note:

  • To check who has voted on your poll, return to your profile and select your profile image. This should pull up your first Instagram story, swipe on that story to view your poll results. If someone voted, be sure to message them by clicking the arrow next to their name. Thank them for their interest in helping you, confirm the donation amount, and ask them for their Venmo username so that you can request them on Venmo!
  • After they have successfully completed your request, or if they Venmoed you, be sure to share the second story again with their Instagram handle listed over the amount they donated.