A Letter for our Travelers

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Hello to all of our Travelers and their Families,

Thank you all for continuing to inspire us with our mission! Just over a year ago, we had to suspend the FPS respite program for a short period because of the pandemic. For the fifty families in our program when this suspension took place, nearly half were able to experience a travel respite last June and the remaining families received a staycation respite provided directly in their homes.

And in this past year, we have continued to deliver our mission with the support of so many cash and in-kind supporters, our volunteers, our event committees – what I like to say, kind people! There is no better gift than helping a stranger, unconditionally.

Today, I am asking for some help from our Travelers. Specifically, I am looking for some assistance with the following requests (and this is on top of the thank you cards that many of you write – so thank you)!

1. Become a member of the Board of Directors. As part of our commitment to our travelers, I always find it important to have one or more of our patients on our board. This person brings the mission alive to our Board members and is an advocate for the impact of our program.
2. Join an Operating Committee. We have finance, audit, technology and advancement and these committees work with our Board to ensure that FPS continues to move forward in meeting our goals and strategic initiatives.
3. Join an Event Committee. This upcoming year, we want to reinvigorate our event committees, and to do so, we need the inspiration you provide each one of us to become contagious on our volunteer committees. We can also use help at the events with check in, auction set up, etc.

Should any of these three opportunities sound interesting to you, please reach out to me directly. Feel free to email me at Marci@takeabreakfromcancer.org or call my cell on 215.416.7489. I would be happy to supply additional information!

Thank you for considering to volunteer for our organization! You inspire me, and let’s together inspire the world. I can only imagine what Pete would be saying about our ventures!

With gratitude,

Marci Schankweiler
FPS Founder and CEO