Lee Hanyo Ride Across Pennsylvania

When:  September 2 – September 6, 2021
Where: pennsylvania

Lee Hanyo, from the Pittsburgh area, is a Project Manager and a photographer, and in his free time he enjoys distance cycling and running. Last year he rode the entire 150 mile Great Allegheny Passage bike trail in a single day and then started planning his next adventure. On September 2nd he is planning to do a 5 day, 400 mile ride across Pennsylvania from Port Jervis to Pymatuning.

Lee wanted this ride to be for something or to mean something, so he figured raising money for a charity during his ride would be a good way to go. He started browsing through Pennsylvania charities and non-profits and came across For Pete’s Sake. He absolutely loved everything that FPS is doing and choose for FPS to be the benefactor of his fundraising efforts!

One of the reason’s Lee choose FPS was in honor of his grandfather, who was one of his best friends, fought a long battle with lung cancer and eventually passed away while Lee was in high school. Lee couldn’t imagine how much it would mean to him to go on a respite trip with his grandfather before he passed.  He wished that he had the time to put cancer to the side for a few days and enjoy time with his grandfather and be reminded of who he was before cancer.

Lee will be posting pictures from his trip on his Instagram page and encourages you to follow his journey as well as he hosting a GoFundMe page where you can show your support of Lee and the families that FPS serves.