How to Make Electrolyte Flavored Water

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There aren’t really ‘recipes’ to go with any of these. You just basically need water, ice and the ingredients listed below. Make sure to add a dash of sea salt and a squeeze of Lime or Lemon to all the water that you ingest. Use a spoon or something to muddle the fruity/herby ingredients together before adding the water and you’re good to go. The more you muddle and the longer you let the ingredients mix with each other, the stronger the water will be flavored.

Electrolyte Flavored Water Ideas

1. Lime + Pineapple + Coconut Water – a slightly tropical flavor.
2. Raspberry + Rosemary – sweet-tart berry with a sharp flavor coming from the rosemary.
3. Blackberry + Orange – a common flavor combo because of the beautiful way they compliment each other.
4. Strawberry + Mint – refreshing and sweet.
5. Cucumber + Lemon – a light tasting drink that is the epitome of detox water.
6. Mint + Grapefruit – minty fresh, with that sweetness, acidity, and tartness from the grapefruit.
7. Watermelon + Basil – this reminds me of Summer.
8. Blueberry + Lemon – a classic combo that is delicious in all sorts of pastries and now water too!
9. Mango + Ginger – inspired by Asian flavors.
10. Peach + Blackberry – when peaches are in season this is my go-to!
11. Cucumber + Mint + Lime – fresh minty and a little tart.
12. Blackberry + Strawberry + Raspberry – the berry bundle that is always a winner.
13. Watermelon + Mint + Lime – this one is perfect for summertime.
14. Strawberry + Lemon – simple but oh so tasty.
15. Blueberry + Pear – a little more sophisticated for those feeling fancy.
16. Apple + Lemon + Cinnamon Sticks – get ready for fall flavors by continuing to drink detox water!
17. Peach + Watermelon – a summer combo that is oh so sweet.
18. Kiwi + Strawberry + Cucumber – a classic pairing with some extra freshness.
19. Orange+ Lemon + Lime – citrus water over here!
20. Raspberry + Lemon + Mint – sweet-tart berry goodness.
21. Lemon + Lime + Rosemary – acidic and sharpness. A good drink to wake up to!
22. Rosemary + Mint + Basil – herby deliciousness!

23. Lemon + Lavender – a natural stress reliever plus some fresh lemon in the mix.
24. Blueberry + Strawberry – enjoy the fruits of your labor after picking your own berries with the family.