Monthly Donations Matched Through June 30th!

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FPS Monthly Memory Maker and Volunteer, Jon Sobotkin, shares why he believes in giving monthly:

You can never prepare for the news when you learn that someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. I experienced this twice in my life. I was about to turn sixteen and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost 20 years later, my sister, at the age of 32, was diagnosed with a different type of breast cancer. Only 20 years apart, the emotions, challenges, and stress cancer causes did not differ.

For my mom and sister, their lives were suddenly filled with doctor visits, surgeries, tests, and treatments. If they had a good day, we as a family had a good day! Their bad days were our bad days too.

As a family, we had to accept the challenge of every day change. Changes in schedules, roles, responsibilities, emotional needs, health needs, and future plans.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families the priceless support they need to overcome these daily challenges and changes.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families endless love in time of emotional needs.

For Pete’s Sake provides cancer patients and their families a break from cancer!

For Pete’s Sake provides families with cherished memories forever!

As a monthly memory maker, I am committed to For Pete’s Sake’s mission. While we all have read and heard the hundreds of stories from people who were helped or touched by FPS, there are many more that could use the help and resources of FPS. I know my monthly commitment has an immediate positive impact to the patients and families coping with cancer.

Will you please join me in giving a monthly gift to FPS? Together, we can change lives!

Jon Sobotkin, FPS volunteer and donor

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