In Memory Of Peter Bossow

Peter. R. Bossow, Jr. founded For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation in the midst of his cancer journey. He is missed by many, but his legacy lives on through the thousands of lives our mission has transformed. This year, we celebrate 20 years of fulfilling his vision and thousands of lives have been transformed by his kindness! We invite you to celebrate the impact of FPS by making a memorial donation and leaving a message of hope and inspiration.

Messages from Pete’s Family & Friends

Peter’s Mom and Dad | 8/27/19
Peter’s vision of kindness and love to those fighting cancer has grown into a wonderful charity that bears his name, FOR PETE’S SAKE. Let us all continue to fulfill his wish of helping cancer patients and their families.

Peter’s Sisters, Alyce Cerniglia and Andrea Gerardi | 8/27/19
TIME. Twenty years is a long time since you left us. Perhaps we should think of it as you are ahead of us on an amazing trip.  When you did your backpacking trip to Europe there were no cell phones. You send us some signs that you are thinking of us, like postcards, with feathers, dolphins and even an earthquake on mom’s birthday. For now we can bare with your absence because we see the smiles of the For Pete’s Sake families.  They are given precious family TIME together.   We know in TIME we will be reunited with you again and it will be a joyful reunion.

Amber Mercado | 8/27/19
Pete, I wish I had the chance to know you because it sounds like you were one-of-a-kind. Thank you for leaving this beautiful legacy!

Patrick McCann | 8/27/19
Pete- you still make so many people smile.

Pat Kelly | 8/27/19
Hey Pete – it’s hard to believe you left us 20 years ago.  Thanks for being such a great friend!  I only wish we could have shared more time together, but my memories of our friendship are timeless.  For those of you that have been touched by Pete through FPS but never met him, he really was that special.   Thank you Marci and team for the incredible work you’ve done to fulfill Pete’s vision!

Jeff Boyle | 8/28/19
Thanks for inspiring us all to make the world a better place because of your love for life. Your are missed brother. YITB.

Kathleen Morgan | 8/29/19
I met Pete 1st day freshman year at La Salle University with his big smile and welcoming heart. We’ve been friends ever since! Pete, you left us too soon, but your wonderful spirit lives on with your family, Marci and all those who are served by FPS.