For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation has an elegantly simple model: provide adult cancer patients facing rigorous treatment or a guarded diagnosis with an opportunity to spend carefree and cost-free time with their caregiver and children in lovely settings. FPS families create priceless magical, memorable moments. Together, even for a glimpse, they experience immeasurable joy amidst devastating crisis. FPS offers comfortable and secure environments for families to celebrate in the face of uncertainty, reflect and reconnect in the midst of turmoil and strengthen their inner faith and share inspiration in the shadow of adversity. We encourage families to confront cancer hardships together. This experience empowers them for what lies ahead and encourages them to share their experiences as a beacon of hope for others. Their success inspires our gift-givers and grant-makers to help us.

We respond to the mental health, emotional well-being and psycho-social needs of an underserved young adult cancer population, ages 24 to 55, and their families. FPS provides a safe haven for emotional expression. FPS is the only organization that focuses exclusively on therapeutic respite travel experiences for adult cancer patients, their caregivers and families. For families in the FPS program, we offer ancillary support that assists them as their journey with cancer continues. This support takes many forms, including financial support to select families during the holidays, bereavement resources and access to bereavement support groups, invitations to patient-centric events whereby patients, caregivers and children can freely communicate with those facing the same crisis, complimentary attendance to amusement parks and invitations for patients, caregivers and surviving spouses to designated FPS events. Our goal is to help these families recognize it is love, not cancer, that defines them.

Inquire about our program

Are you or someone you know interested in our program? Only Oncology Team members are permitted to make a nomination to our program, and new nominators must undergo a brief in-service to learn about our mission and guidelines. Please contact us using the appropriate form below and we’ll contact you within 72 business hours.

In order to ensure an efficient process, please review some of our guidelines to ensure eligibility for our respite program. We are a small nonprofit and are trying our best to help as many people as possible while maintaining the integrity of our mission.

  • Patient must be between 24-55 years of age with a physician diagnosis of cancer.
  • Patient must be in active treatment within the last 6 months (chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery).
  • Patient has not traveled on a self-funded vacation or a vacation through another nonprofit organization or individual since diagnosis or recurrence.
  • Patient must be able to travel within 120 days of nomination and the destination must be mutually agreed upon depending on availability of respite locations.
  • Preference is given to patients residing in PA, NJ, DE, NY and MD but patients outside of this area will be considered.

Patient? Oncology Professional?

Are you a friend or family member of a cancer patient? Contact us and we’ll explain how our program works. Or simply give our website information to the oncology professional involved in the patient’s treatment and have them complete the form above.

Get Involved with FPS

Can’t give a financial contribution? There are many great ways to help people take a break from cancer. FPS hosts several major events throughout the year, and also many community organized events. We are always looking for hosts, sponsors, donors and volunteers.
Learn How

Are you an adult cancer patient? Our mission is to provide adult cancer patients, their caregivers and their children with a break from cancer at one of our respite locations. Respite locations are decided based on availability and we cannot promise a specific respite location when you inquire.

Are you a healthcare professional? If you are a first time nominator, you must schedule a brief phone in-service to educate yourself with our mission and guidelines. If you are a repeat nominator, please feel free to submit your nomination via the forms you have on file.