Sarah and Her Family

Found Joy

“My focus shifted from ‘when will things

fall apart again’ to ‘at this moment, life is good.’”

Sarah and Her Family Found Joy

“My focus shifted from ‘when will thingsfall apart again’ to ‘at this moment, life is good.’”

Our Cancer Journey

Sarah told us, “Before October 28, 2018, my husband and I were coordinating daily routines with kids while we both worked full-time. We have two sons, 14 years old, and 11 years old. I was working as a professor. This was my dream job, and in recent years, I had spent time in school to make this kind of position possible. My husband, who had worked as a teacher for twenty years, had decided to pursue work in carpentry, something he enjoyed. Then we began our fight with ovarian cancer.”


What started as a trip to the emergency room for abdominal pain resulted in Sarah being admitted to the hospital for five weeks. Her cancer created a domino effect that culminated in thromboembolic events such as a heart attack and two strokes throughout her hospitalization. She underwent her two surgeries and is now undergoing chemotherapy in anticipation of an additional procedure.

She continues to say, “Throughout this time, we have been lifted up by love for each other and from those around us. We are quite blown away by the kindness of people. We have had amazing support to maintain as much normalcy as possible for our children. My husband has been able to be with me for medical hospitalization and appointments and coordinate our household and children’s activities. I returned to work recently with a supportive employer. We have much to be thankful for, but we are aware that our life has been changed. Our hearts and minds could use a break from worry and space for joy.”

Her nominating team at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in PA told us that despite the family’s upbeat, positive nature, and lovely personalities, they felt as though the emotional burden lies heavily with the family at this time. They wanted her to have the chance to reconnect with one another and determine their future paths. 

Our Break From Cancer

Sarah and her family traveled to Cancun, Mexico, on their respite experience! They had the chance to reconnect and have fun together as a family. Upon her return, she shared with us a beautiful testimony that genuinely helps to embody the FPS mission. “Looking forward to and enjoying this trip has helped substantially for me to cope with the trauma my family and I experienced in the past year. For me, this trip meant time for healing and the beginning of joy in the aftermath of cancer. Watching my caregiver and family on this trip reminded me deeply of who we are as a family and who I am as a person.” 

She continued to write, “From the moment our sons heard about the possibility of the respite, they had something to look forward to. They both have had their lives changed. During this trip, we talked as a family, sought out special things each child wanted to do and enjoyed the little things together.” 

She finished with the thought, “this trip showed our family that pausing to find joy is possible and highly recommended. Joy is not as far away as cancer can make it seem. Joy is in our family, who we are, and in everyday life when we pay attention to it. My focus shifted from “when will things fall apart again” to “at this moment, life is good.” 

Thank you to Apple Vacations for your support of the FPS mission and for helping families like the Corcorans take a break from cancer! 


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