Thomas and His Family Found Adventure

“We had a chance to create wonderful memories: the kind that my wife and I want for each other, and that we want for our children.”

Our Cancer Journey

“After my leukemia diagnosis, my family and I faced a long and challenging journey. Spending quality time with my family is very important to me – and we did not have that during my treatment. In one year alone, I spent 175 days in the hospital. Due to my compromised immune system, I couldn’t even hug my children or wife, because I was kept in isolation. When I was recovering at home, I was too sick or tired to be involved with family activities or family life. These are not the memories I wanted my children to have of me or our family. Thanks be to God, I got better, and through a nomination from my doctor, we were offered an FPS respite vacation to Camp Wavus in Maine.”


Our Break From Cancer

“Smiles, joy and anticipation filled our house – as we were all excited about our break from cancer. Our vacation gave us a week of family activities, laughter, beautiful scenery, adventure, new friendships and so much more. Most important to me though, we had a chance to create wonderful memories. The kind that my wife and I want for each other, and that we want for our children. FPS donors help families like mine laugh a little harder, hug a little more and remember that cancer can’t take the love of friends and family.”

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Our Travelers take a break from what life with cancer has become with doctor visits, surgery, tests and treatment. Through a unique gift of time together, they create priceless magical, memorable moments, experience immeasurable joy amidst devastating crisis, confront cancer hardships together and find emotional healing, hope and happiness during an uncertain and tumultuous time.


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