Shilpa Jhingan


Johnny's House

Traveled with

Husband and two sons

On September 19, 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. I did not know if I was going to make it but I knew that since then, life, was all about moments and those moments have the power to make memories.

I shall be forever indebted to For Pete’s Sake because it has given me moments, and lots of moments that will remain with me and my family forever as the most beautiful memories.

We shall always smile at the thought of our Florida respite and all the wonderful experience it brought with it starting with a personalized welcome for the family.

The long swim hours, the cuddling and playing in the bed, enjoying the magical experience of Disney, Universal and sea world.

What made this holiday even more special was the fact that everything was planned ahead for us leaving us all the time to just enjoy as a family.

Not only the staff meticulously designed the trip, making sure that I get rest breaks in between it also made sure to provide gold passes making the whole theme park experience regal.

The relaxed lunches and dinners gave us enough time to talk and laugh together.

I could also squeeze time to do two of my favorite things-shopping and a long drive to Miami

We as a family would like to thank each and every member of For Pete’s Sake family to make this experience memorable one
In my son’s words – ” A Perfect Vacation”


Prior to her respite, Shilpa wrote:

Lance Armstrong once said, “When it comes to Cancer – We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.”

My family and I choose the latter and, “What the fight it was…!”

My two sons became my biggest emotional support. At the tender age of 10, they saw one of the toughest times any family can go through, yet they tried their best to keep up with their school and activities.

My husband did not sleep for nights just to make sure that I could. For six months, he became my driver, nurse, cook, maid, etc.

And I tried my best to keep up a heroic face: emotionally through all the financial troubles as I did not have medical insurance, and physically through all the chemo sessions.

And One Thing We All Tried to do Together was to Hide Our Tears

Ever since I heard about “take a break from cancer,”, I can only imagine the smiles that we are going to share as a family.

The time that we are now able to spend together is the most valuable gift given to my by God and my Oncology Team and I hope that For Pete’s Sake will help me celebrate it well appointed.

Finally, I would like to present this opportunity to my kids, who were unable to celebrate their milestone birthday (10th) in January because of my illness and subsequent chemo sessions.

Thank you so much.

– Shilpa Jhingan, age 39 and battling ovarian cancer since September 2014.