support beyond the respite

FPS is a compassionate and caring community

We respond to the mental health, emotional well-being and psychosocial needs of the underserved young adult cancer patient population, their caregivers and their children. For families in the FPS program, we offer support beyond the respite that assists them as their journey with cancer continues.


Our support takes many forms and our mission has organically grown to include these additional services.

  • Monthly e-newsletters which both educate and inspire our patients and caregivers. We provide educational resources, healthy recipes to nourish the body and inspirational stories about our community. Click here to read our latest Issue.
  • Complimentary copy of After Cancer Care, a book authored by preeminent oncologists that discuss integrative oncology and the emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs of patients and their families.
  • A dedicated private Facebook group for all patients and caregivers, creating the ability to connect and share resources.
  • Monthly complimentary engagement gatherings for families to promote the need for a break and also the need to connect with others in similar situations. The events range from lunch gathering to family mini breaks like mini golf and ice cream.
  • A complimentary  FPS Recipient Reception, hosted each between October and December, that brings our community together to reflect on the challenges of the past year and celebrate the hope in tomorrow.
  • Invitations to amusement parks and sporting events, as donated tickets become available. Our Annual Phillies Game Outing is a Philadelphia-fan favorite for our families!
  • Complimentary admission to FPS Events, including For Pete’s Sake, Walk! at Citizens Bank Park. We also welcome our FPS families to join us at all fundraising events they are interested in. Our hope is that in giving to others and paying it forward for the next families, there is healing of one’s own mind, body and spirit.

For families grieving the loss of their loved one, our community is available for support. We reach out to our caregivers with the following:

  • A shoulder to lean on while navigating the grieving process. Our staff and volunteers provide an ear to listen and empathize with the unique challenges of each loss.
  • Bereavement resources including books and other materials that caregivers and children can read on their own and within their own time frame.
  • Social outings and group meetings as part of our “Carry on Club”, open to the widows and widowers of FPS patients. As part of this, we offer a private Facebook group for members to interact and support each other.

For patients, caregivers and loved ones who are experiencing spiritual poverty during their journey with the disease, FPS offers the complimentary services of the FPS Ecumenical Committee.

Open to families who would like to discuss their faith, this dedicated group of faith leaders from various religious affiliations and backgrounds provides round the clock access to spiritual consultation either by phone or in person to ensure that faith is part of healing, both physically and mentally, during all facets of one’s journey.

The Take 5 Pledge

Can you refresh your soul in 5 minutes? Can you create a memory in 5 minutes? Can you change a life in 5 minutes?  At FPS, we say a resounding YES to these questions. 

In honor of our mantra to Take a Break and the vision of our founder Pete Bossow, Jr., we invite all of our FPS Respite Recipients to join our Take 5 Movement!

Pete, diagnosed at 29, thought of others first in his journey.  He asked what he could do to support his young wife Marci, how we could love his parents more and how he could comfort his friends during this challenging time. He put others first and was grateful for the many blessings he had despite cancer.

And then he made a decision – in a matter of minutes, to lay forth a vision of respite that has changed the lives of thousands of people, you included!  And today, thousands of supporters, home donors, travel partners and volunteers have invested in For Pete’s Sake to carry out Pete’s vision, making it a reality for each one of us and our families!

In this spirit of gratitude for those in our lives and the blessings we share, FPS embraces a Take 5 Movement – a mantra that in giving back we gain so much more in return.  This movement comes with a PLEDGE from each one of us here at FPS, from our supporters and now from you as our FPS Respite Recipient!

Welcome to our Take 5 Movement – as together we support the next FPS family, embrace the stillness of respite, and make our world a better place, one person at a time!