White Paper and Research

FPS is the ONLY Patient RESPITE support care entity in oncology with reported patient and caregiver outcomes.

When you invest in FPS and our families, you get scientifically supported results. For the past 18 years, we have chronicled the improved outcomes of oncology patients and their families. The For Pete Sake Patient Registry is a longitudinal study that measures the results of the care provided.

Respite Changes Lives

Annually, hundreds of our Oncology Professionals report outcome data to measure improvement in patient/family ability to cope with cancer. Surveyed both pre and post respite in the clinical setting, these Nominators report on average an increase in coping as follows:

0 %
Increase in caregiver's coping ability
0 %
Increase in patient's coping ability
0 %
Increase in child's coping ability

(data represents 271 oncology healthcare professional surveys since 2020 click here to see a full outcome presentation here.)

Respite Makes a Difference


Our Research Projects:


Under the direction of Dr. Natalie Hamrick, FPS conducted a five-year blind study on the impact of Respite on family health.  (See below for family health pillars) This is the first community-based family respite program to report on efficacy in meeting objectives.  The conclusions of this study are as follows:

  • Cancer survivors improved on spousal communication, family hardiness, joviality and coping efficacy.
  • Caregivers improved on spousal communication, children communication, joviality and coping efficacy.
  • Children experienced increased joviality.

These results suggest that investing in resources in these families may help improve relationships and facilitate efforts to stay engaged in the cancer battle. For all full copy of the results and accompanying white paper, please click here.

Respite Makes a Difference



Cancer Families’ Intentional Respite Experience, Family Dynamics and Positive Outlook. A link to Natalie’s presentation can be found here.

FPS has modeled its program with a focus on the overall concept of coping with cancer by the entire family unit, including patient, caregiver and often, young children. As part of our continuum of care, we inspire young families to look for and experience everyday moments of respite together. FPS developed our evidence-based program model with assistance from Dr. Natalie Hamrick and Dr. Ruth McCorkle.

  • Relationship Quality Among Family Members (includes spouses and children of varying ages)
  • Work and Life Endurance/ Renewed Stamina
  • Patient Treatment Compliance and
  • Joy/Mental Break.

Respite Makes a Difference



FPS respite data and outcomes have been recognized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and published in an abstract, titled Individual and Community Respite as Supportive care for Adult Cancer Patients, their caregivers and their families. (2020)IS THIS HOW IT IS NOTED FOR THE YEAR? 

Read our abstract here!

Respite Makes a Difference


The Family Health Model

Cancer touches every aspect of a family’s life.

Ensuring a family’s overall health is strong during the cancer journey is critical to coping with this disease in the best way possible.

Respite has therapeutic benefits that span from emotional to physical to psychosocial, with lots in between! And these benefits are not just for the patient, but also the caregiver and children of the patient.

The FPS Family Health Model outlines the impact of respite on family health and moreover, no family has a financial burden to experience respite. While on Travel Respite at Woodloch, families participate in carefully sourced activities that address our Family Health Pillars, including meditation and chair yoga, journaling with prompts, art therapy, nutrition and meals, nature walks and team building activities. The FPS Staycation Respite includes materials that address the areas of health outlined below within the confines of a family’s home. Together we make love greater than cancer!

Health Pillars


FPS Role in Integrative Oncology

FPS has created endpoints of well-being that relate to every health pillar in the FPS Family Health Model. Every hour on respite is meaningful and produces measurable outcomes. Here’s a breakdown of what is currently provided to a family while on Travel Respite.


Respite Reinforced

For families in the FPS program, we offer support beyond the respite that assists them as their journey with cancer continues. This support continues to address our 7 health pillars and comes in many forms. Below, we highlight three of our major initiatives that reinforce respite each year for our families!

Holiday Program


FPS partners with corporations, individuals and Take a Break Clubs to provide Christmas cheer to Families experiencing financial duress and/or the loss of a spouse or parent. Volunteers then deliver gifts to these families, ensuring their financial and emotional health is boosted during the holiday season.

FPS Family Events


We provide at least three complimentary events each year to bring together our Respite Recipients and members of our donor and volunteer community! Our annual Beach Day, Cornhole Tournament/Party in the Parking Lot and Pancakes for Pete allow us to take a break together and experience a boost in psychosocial, emotional and family health.

Carry on Club and Bereavement Resources


We understand that for some, the acceptance and management of grief is part of their family’s respite journey. We are here to respond with kindness, dignity and support. Our resources impact spiritual, emotional, psychosocial and family health. We offer peer to peer support with our Carry on Club, a social club for widows and widowers in our Respite Program, and provide reminders of hope like our annual “angel” mailing which includes handmade angel ornaments sent to grieving FPS families.

Who We Serve

For Pete’s Sake serves cancer patients, ages 21-55, their caregivers and their children who reside in PA, NY, NJ, DE or MD.

Here is our Demographic Matrix.

Health Disparities

  • 67% of the FPS patients are stage III and IV.
  • FPS serves all cancer types and is not limited to terminal diagnosis.
  • 33% of Respite Recipients identify as a minority.
  • We offer our program nomination materials in English and Spanish.

Financial Insecurity

  • 83% of the families nominated into the program are designated as in financial duress by their nominators.
  • An investment of $1,743,000 per year for the Respite Experiences at no cost to the Patient or his or her family.
  • 3,168 days annually for a family in a safe and secure Respite environment that promotes healing.

Food Insecurity

  • 48 balanced meals provided per family per Travel Respite.
  • 6,048 meals per year on Travel Respites.
  • 18,144 hours of dedicated meal time annually for families gathered around the table.

Our Mission in Action

At 40 years old, Joseph faced a difficult diagnosis. He served 15 years as a Marine and was medically retired. He and his family were looking forward to a nice, retired life, until he received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Their FPS Travel Respite was a chance to return to normalcy, even if just for a little while. We are honored to serve a family that has given so much to serve our country!


Our Future Impact on Integrative Oncology

Designed using 17 years of qualitative and quantitative outcome data from thousands of FPS participants and with input from oncology professionals. Our Program Outcome Measures collected since the start of community respites at Woodloch statistically demonstrate the impact of respite on the patient, caregiver and their loved ones.

We envision the nation’s first Cancer Respite Center at Woodloch Resort, where every space lends for transformative experiences that will change the continuum of care for cancer patients.

Dedicated spaces, including an art studio, pool, play areas, chapel and nature trails, provide backdrop for enhanced benefits.

Lounges, dining room and campfire rings provide settings for collaborative conversation both within the family unit and with other families so that enhanced communication and deeper connections are mainstays in ongoing support during the cancer journey.

This respite center will allow our mission to reach an increasing amount of people each year, providing support connected to our 7 health pillars on a grand scale.