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The Power of Magical Moments

Over 20 years ago, I traveled with Pete on the very first FPS respite to a small Caribbean island called Nevis. And what I remember most about that experience was a magical moment on a small beach when after we had a lengthy discussion about the past six grueling months of surgery, treatments and hospitalizations, our conversation turned to the unknown future and the battle for life that was about to ensue. Our words ceased, but the power of this moment and the pain and hope captured by the moment’s intensity is forever etched in my mind and heart.

Today, these powerful magical moments are created for hundreds each year as part of the FPS respite program. During this pandemic, we continue to offer our Travel Respite Program to families and are hosting both individual and community respites with the help of our travel partner, Woodloch Resorts.

For patients with advanced stage cancer and unable to travel, we offer a Staycation Respite program that brings magical moments into a family’s home. And we continue to quietly help each family in our program, whether it be holding a hand, sharing emotion over the phone, visiting with a meal, playing bingo via zoom or seeing a smiling face in our office, we are present to connect with our special FPS families, our supporters, our oncology heroes who nominate to our program and to anyone who needs our assistance now or in the future!

Over the holiday season in 2020, we quietly assisted nearly 70 families with cash and inkind gifts that made the season a bit brighter!

As we navigate 2021 and this pandemic, let’s help others live more deliberately, love deeper, laugh harder, hug longer – and in turn, change a life! For the precious gift of life is ours to cherish and share! Thank you for sharing so much with the FPS community!

Please save the date to create more magical memories with FPS at our Virtual Experience on 3.25.2021! More details will be posted soon. Thanks for your support!

With Gratitude,
Marci Schankweiler, FPS Founder & CEO

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