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Network, gain volunteer experience and learn the impact of philanthropy.

The For Pete’s Sake Young Friends are proactive individuals in their 20’s and 30’s who dedicate their time towards helping to raise funds and awareness of our mission! Young Friends serve as ambassadors of For Pete’s Sake by hosting fundraisers, attending community and professional development events and connecting with their local community. We also offer Young Friends specific Volunteer Opportunities, scroll down to see more.

Become a member of our Young Friends Society by signing up to make a $10.00 monthly contribution. In return, you will receive discounts to all Young Friend community and professional development events, all FPS signature events and receive monthly patient stories and updates.

Not able to join our society at this time? Then join our Young Friends Network to receive updates on all our upcoming activities and events, by emailing Ellen Vind at or by calling us at 267.708.0510.

Buttoned Up BBQ Committee

Each August, the Young Friends of FPS host a BBQ in Stone Harbor, NJ to raise funds to help families facing cancer. This annual event draws about 300 guests. The committee fundraises, promotes and oversees most aspects of the event from start to finish!

Philanthropy Committee

This committee assists FPS patients and their families. Members also help with specific Traveler Engagement Events.

Networking/Professional Development Committee

This committee assists in hosting professional development and networking events in the fall and spring. In addition to these events, the committee posts and maintains a list of various networking and social events that encourage Young Friends of FPS to attend and advocate on our behalf.