join our young friends society

Network, gain volunteer experience and learn the impact of philanthropy.

Join For Pete’s Sake Young Friends and engage with young professionals, cancer ambassadors, and emerging leaders (ages 21 to 35) through social, networking and fundraising activities.

In September 2020, we said goodbye to an amazing ambassador of our mission, a member of our Young Friends Society and Traveler Community. Makala took every opportunity to share with others her experience with cancer and how her For Pete’s Sake respite changed her outlook on life and her course of treatment. Her legacy is to ensure more adult cancer patients receive the gift of respite; you can do that by joining our Young Friends Society.

Become a Memory Maker

Give transformative time and emotional support to our families each month. Learn more here.

Young Friends Society Volunteer Opportunities
Leadership Committee

Assist in the planning and decision process for all Society Activities.

Event Committee

Assist with the planning, marketing and execution of society events.

Philanthropy Committee

Assist in engaging corporate and civic groups in supporting FPS.

Volunteerism Committee

Assist with the recruitment of volunteers to support Society Activities.

Networking/Professional Development Committee

Plan and execute professional development and community building opportunities for FPS Young Friends Members.


How do I join?

Join online, click on the button above to sign up! You’ll receive a welcome email from our Philanthropy Officer, Cheryl Pompeo, once she receives your email. If you have any questions, please email 

How does the Young Friends Society support For Pete’s Sake?

Our Young Friends are ambassadors spreading the word of our mission to others in the community. Our goal is to provide volunteer opportunities that connect you to our mission in a meaningful way and share a deeper connection to philanthropy.

How do I join a Young Friends Subcommittee?

For more information about our volunteer opportunities, please call us at 267-708-0510 or email

How often are there Young Friends Society events and programs? How do I hear about them?

We host Young Friends programs or events throughout the year. All upcoming programs are listed on this webpage as well as in e-newsletters. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

May I be a member of the Young Friends Society and a member of the Memory Maker Community?

Absolutely! We encourage you to join both! By becoming a Memory Maker, you are providing a sustaining gift that directly supports our families each month. Plus there are wonderful benefits that further connect you to our mission. For more information, click on “become a member.”