About For Pete’s Sake

Who Was Pete?


In 1998, my husband Pete was diagnosed with cancer.

And in 1999, he was gone. The short time between his diagnosis and death was precious. And what I learned in that year changed the course of my life forever.

When Pete battled cancer, he felt what cancer patients feel: emotional and physical exhaustion… fear… confusion… sadness… instability… uncertainty. And as his wife and caregiver, I felt broken, shaken and sometimes, alone. Pete was my high school and college sweetheart, we experienced so much of life together. Now, I was faced with a future without him.

We had an amazing opportunity to escape those feelings when family and friends sent us on vacation in the midst of Pete’s treatment.

During that trip, we rediscovered who we were before cancer entered the fray. We pretended for a moment that our lives were without challenges. We celebrated each day.

We had a chance to be Marci and Pete again – instead of Marci, Pete and cancer.

And most importantly, we built Pete’s spirit back and strengthened his resolve for what lay ahead. We crossed the finish line together – and realized that cancer couldn’t define us.

Upon returning from our trip renewed and rejuvenated, Pete wanted to ensure that patients just like him had this critical opportunity to regenerate their minds, bodies and spirits. I promised Pete to pursue his dream – and dedicated my life 100% to ensuring its realization.

Pete changed my life forever – before and after cancer took him from me. And now, Pete continues to change the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of adult cancer patients (and their own caregivers) by creating joy through the transformative powers of respite. Thanks for helping us change lives!


FPS Founder and CEO

Our Mission

For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation enables cancer patients and their loved ones to strengthen, deepen and unify their relationships by creating unforgettable and lasting respite experiences.

Pete’s Dream in Action

We believe travel is transformative, and addresses the emotional and psychosocial impact of cancer on not just the patient, but also the caregiver and the patient’s children. Our program is a complement to traditional cancer treatment, and an FPS respite experience can play a crucial part in the patient continuum of care.

FPS works with oncology professionals at leading cancer centers to create care-free, cost-free respite experiences, providing the gift of time to address the psycho-social, emotional, financial and spiritual trauma that accompanies a cancer diagnosis in an underserved younger population.  Patients (ages 24-55 and nominated by a member of their oncology team), caregivers and the patient’s children receive a respite experience in one of our beautiful accommodations. We schedule all travel and families receive a cash stipend, journals and inspirational materials.

In addition to our travel respite experiences, we also provide a Staycation experience for advanced stage cancer patients who become unable to travel. The FPS Staycation program equips families with resources for respite and reflection when a family is unable to travel because of advanced stage cancer and allows families to create priceless, memorable and magical moments together in their homes. 

After the respite experience, FPS continues to provide priceless emotional support as we partner with community members and our families to create small “mini breaks” throughout the year.

We have provided over 1,500 respite experiences and served over 9,000 people. Our work has been recognized by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Fox News, People Magazine, Major League Baseball, Chick-fil-A, Comcast Newsmakers, University of PA Health System and LIVESTRONG.

Join us as we help hundreds of people take a break from cancer each year! Read our Case for Support to learn more.