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Operating Committees

At For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation, we use specialized Operating Committees to chart the path of success in our day-to-day operations, annual development goals, and future strategic initiatives. We invite you to join us in shaping our mission with your invaluable professional expertise!

Contact Danielle Coyne at danielle@takeabreakfromcancer.org for more information on these Operating Committees or Councils.

Finance & Investment Committee

The role of the Finance and Investment Committee is to provide oversight and guidance to the Board of Directors concerning the critical key components of fiscal reporting and management in the operation of For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation. The three key components of budgetary oversight are investment management and budget planning and evaluation. The Committee also reviews the long-term financial plan of the organization as it relates to cash position and development opportunities.

Committee Members: Amy Beilman, Joseph Manion (Board Treasurer), Ann Mossing, Paul Mullen (Board Director), Kevin Norris, Charles Quattrone, Lester Rich

Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is to review all items related to the audit, including appropriate allocations and compliance with mandated 990 requirements. This committee will also be defacto members of the Finance and Investment Committee and will be involved in those outlined aspects above in addition to the audit function.

Committee Members: Amy Beilman, Peter Keenan, James Mahoney, Christopher McBryan, Alice Meehan (Co-Chair), Kevin Norris (Co-Chair)

Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee oversees the planning and implementation of the Patient Program and Ancillary Support. They precisely form the internal and external program guidelines, review patient program expenditures with recommendations for resource efficiency, and formulate processes for program operation to ensure a flow of donated accommodations. They also develop Ancillary Support Services for Patients and surviving caregivers to ensure their involvement in the FPS Community. The committee reports patient statistics and program highlights to the Board of Directors monthly.

Committee Members: Et-tsu Chen, MD, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Luanne Chynoweth, LCSW, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Lisa Doncecz, Health Quality Partners, Patricia Gambino, RN, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, John Kosteva, MD, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Melissa Kratz, RN, MSN, Lehigh Valley Hospital, Mary Oleksiak, MSW, Abington Jefferson Health, Christopher Selgrath, DO, Rothman Institute, Mary Thomas, RN, University of Pennsylvania Hospital  

Advancement & Development Committee

The Advancement and Development Committee is responsible for the Annual and Development Programs and all other fundraising activities of the Organization. Committee members will also be involved in all development planning and participate in the annual planning process that results in a comprehensive development plan for the organization. The Advancement Committee concentrates on For Pete’s Sake’s Endowment and Planned Giving Campaigns. This committee is responsible for meeting FPS’s long-term financial goals and ensuring the organization’s success and sustainability.

Committee Members: Robert Asklar, Peg Beavers, Alice Anne Bossow, Nicholas Carroll, Alyce Cerniglia, Michael Gers, Brian Havrilla, John Kovatch, Megan McGinn, Diana Zalewski

Executive Committee

This Committee meets to review significant issues confronting For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation. The Committee meets between scheduled board meetings and is given limited authority to act on the Board’s behalf as dictated by the organization’s Bylaws. The committee comprises the chair, co-chair, treasurer, secretary, and CEO.

Committee Members: R. Bradford Minor, Jr., Board Chairman, Meghan Patton, Board Vice Chairman, Joseph Manion, Board Treasurer, Brian Havrilla, Board Secretary, Christopher Solecki, Former Chairman, Trish Sinnott, Former Vice Chairman, Marcella B. Schankweiler, Esq., FPS Founder and President 


Planned Giving Committee

The role of the Planned Giving Committee is to provide guidance and lend their expertise in the development of legacy and planned gifts to support our mission. Members assist in creating personalized charitable giving plans and ensure donor relationships are stewarded appropriately.

Committee Members: Bob Jones, Carol Livingood, J.Scott Miller, David Shoup, Tom Sumter

Governance Committee

This Committee shall oversee the legal, financial, accounting, and human resource processes of the Corporation. It shall conduct an annual review of the Corporation’s Bylaws and policies and recommend changes. It shall be comprised solely of members of the Board who are not employed or otherwise paid by the Corporation.

Committee Member: Meghan Patton, Board Vice Chairman

Ecumenical Council

The role of the Ecumenical Council is to address the needs of families facing cancer and the impact this journey has in three distinct components: 1) general coping with disease in close proximity of time before/during and after respite, 2) end-of-life spiritual enrichment, and 3) bereavement. The committee has two distinct roles: to be a resource related to materials that could be provided to families and to be available personally for any personal outreach should this need arise.

Committee Members: Pat Bello, Father Joe Campellone, Pastor Bruce Carter, Rabbi Eric Goldberg, Mariann Kuttler, Marci Schankweiler, Pastor Dorian Smith

New York Council

This region educates New York and North Jersey Oncology Teams about the FPS nomination process and raises funds for the FPS mission.

Committee Members: Peter Ma (Chairperson), Colleen Koh (Chairperson), Cayla Cheng, Mike Gentile, Cameron Neely, Rob Piszko, Carol Perez, Ellen Reilly

Young Friends Council

FPS Young Friends works to engage those in their 20s and 30s in the mission of For Pete’s Sake through community engagement, networking, and professional development and events.

Committee Members: Lauren Buzzelli, Carolin Duffy, Bridget Durkin, Fiona Egan, Frank Fanto, Phoebe Gutt, Killian Kueny, Emily Shields, Lyndi Wieand, Corin Wood