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Give your patient a break from cancer!


FPS provides adult cancer patients, ages 24 to 55, and their caregiver with a unique respite experience in a comfortable and secure home-like environment. Our hope is to ease the burdens associated with the psychological, emotional, economic and spiritual trauma that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. This respite is cost-free and provides care free time with the patient’s loved ones.

Only healthcare professionals are permitted to nominate to our program. All new nominators must undergo a brief in-service to learn about our mission and guidelines.  To request an in-service, please email Our Program team is also available to provide on-site presentations to Oncology Teams about our mission and guidelines.

If the nomination is initiated by the patient, we ask that you please confirm that the patient meets our mission and guidelines. Since we are a nonprofit organization, we ask that you nominate individuals who you feel truly meet our mission and meet our program criteria. This criteria includes the following:

  1. Patient must be between 24-55 years of age with a physician diagnosis of cancer.
  2. Patient must have been active in treatment within the last 6 months (includes chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery).
  3. Patient has not traveled on a self-funded respite/vacation or a respite/vacation through another nonprofit organization or individual since diagnosis or recurrence.
  4. Patient must be able to travel within 120 days of nomination and the destination will be determined depending on availability of respite locations.
  5. Preference is given to patients residing in DE, PA, NJ, NY or MD.
  6. Patient has not applied to another nonprofit for a wish or respite/vacation since diagnosis or recurrence.