This week, 4 families are on a break from cancer!

We are grateful for a generous community that helps us give the most precious of gifts – transformative time to families in the midst of cancer crisis.

FPS patients, caregivers and children have their own unique stories as to how cancer has impacted their lives. We invited you to learn more about how a break from cancer changes lives forever.

Our Donors Make A Difference!


people traveled with FPS in our most recent fiscal year.


of nominating oncology professionals report improvement in their patient’s outlook on life after an FPS respite vacation!


people are provided with emotional support and resources annually.

Meet Nate


“This respite vacation to Cancun was an amazing time for Laura and I to get away from home and really relax and recharge. We are so thankful for this opportunity and the experience is one we will cherish forever. Laura is the person who has been there since day 1 of my diagnosis. She endured a lot of stress over the course of my treatment. She was thankful to enjoy the sun and happiness of our respite! My entire family was thankful that we were able to set aside this time to relax. ”

Meet Jen


“When I was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2016, I was a different person. Back then, I was a middle school reading teacher and a divorced mother of two girls. I was dating an amazing man, Rob, who was a divorced father with one daughter. I had been feeling sick for about a month: high fever, low energy. My doctors thought it was the flu or mono. Life kept moving, and I began to feel slightly better.”

Meet Jamil


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 years old, the diagnosis made a dramatic impact on my family. I am more focused on my children during this difficult time. I want them to retain their happy spirits, ensure a sense of normalcy and create memories that they will always remember positively. We have not had the opportunity to take a real family vacation due to work demands and financial constraints. I think the kids are at an age to enjoy and appreciate a vacation where they can forget about my cancer for a while.”

Meet Kavin


“My wife and I got married in July 2016. Our plan was to have kids, one by 2018 and another two years after that. We work hard as a couple to save up as much as we can, so we can achieve our goals. However, in May 2017 I received shocking news that I had a tumor in my stomach. Since that day, things haven’t been the same. Every minute of my time is dedicated to cancer – researching chemo drugs, side effects and everything else about cancer. I can’t take my mind off it. When I discovered For Pete’s Sake, I read Pete’s story and realized that this horrible disease took so much from me, so why not try to forget about it and enjoy what’s left?”

Meet Paige


“Paige and her family took part in a very special respite experience offered by For Pete’s Sake each summer. This respite is a group respite that takes place in a camp setting – where almost a dozen of our families come together to take a break in the beauty of nature. During this trip, relationships are connected and family building activities occur.”

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