Host an Event


The power of fundraising is within you! Community events empower our advocates to share our mission and raise funds that provide transformative time for families facing cancer. We can provide you with the digital tools needed to jump-start your wildest virtual fundraising ideas while safely adhering to the CDC guidelines. We also help corporations host fundraising events, too! We can help you with your idea and provide some structure to your fundraising goals. The sky is the limit; here are some creative ideas to help get you started!

To receive your complimentary fundraising guide and learn more about how to host a virtual event, please email Meghan Ebright at!

Virtual Fundraising Ideas!

Want to help but need a little inspiration? Below are some events that our community has perfected, and we can share resources with you to make fundraising for FPS easier!


Game Night!

Host an evening of competition and fun, with a virtual game night. Choose from a simple game of Charades or Pictionary. Take it up a notch and organize a virtual scavenger hunt, trivia night, or a murder mystery dinner. The options are endless! Connect with us to get started.

Hallmark Holiday!

No sense in missing out on any reason to celebrate this year! Whether it be your birthday, graduation, first communion, anniversary, or even, World Bicycle Day, there is much to celebrate. Bring your loved ones together for a virtual celebration and support FPS! Our Community Engagement Associate, Meghan is a daily holiday guru and can help you get your celebration going!

Paradise Party!

Leave your bags at home, avoid security lines at the airport, and invite your friends to a virtual Paradise Party, all from the comfort of everyone’s own home! Choose a destination you wish you could travel to with your family or friends. Send a visual of the chosen destination for guests to display as their background during the virtual party. Get creative and create a suggested menu, activities, and music inspired by your chosen travel destination.


For Real Food Cooking Class!

Let’s face it, we aren’t all a Rachael Ray or Emril. However, we can navigate the kitchen just fine. (If you are Rachael Ray or Emril, please teach us!) Invite your friends for a virtual cooking class of your favorite foods you’ve successfully curated in the kitchen. Bon apetit!

Happier Happy Hour!

Clink cups behind a screen with your friends and family for a good cause! Turn a happy hour into an even happier hour by donating to FPS. Spruce up the Happier Happy Hour with a new drinking game, a drink curated in honor of a loved one, or even mail out a fun, personalized drinking cup. Cheers for a cause!

Bake off!

Invite 12 friends, you included, to make a Baker’s Dozen for a fun evening of sweet treats and competition. Prepare for three rounds, with varying recipes, to see who bakes it best! Presentation is key for this virtual event.


Workout Challenge! 

Physical health is important and helps us balance our mental and emotional health, as well. Write to your favorite fitness instructor to see if he or she would lead a workout class, or create your own workout challenges from some of your routine exercises. Grab some water and sweat towel and get to moving for a good cause!


Make a playlist to get people dancing and sign your friends up for a time slot for a 12 or 24 hour dance-athon. Don’t have a day to dedicate to dancing? No problem. Just spend some time virtually dancing with friends to support FPS!

Reunions for a Reason!

Reunions bring laughter, tears, and endless stories of time shared together over the years. Host a virtual reunion and invite your friends and family to support FPS and help give families a break from cancer! Don’t forget to have everyone share a favorite blast from the past photo.


Open Mic Night!

Everyone has talent, whether you’ve shared it with others, or not. Come together for a virtual Open Mic Night to showcase your writing skills in a poem, your humor through jokes, or express yourself in song. The more talents shared, the better!