Make the FPS Mission Possible in April!

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In November 2020, Robert Weiner, age 46, received shocking news. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma.

The future became uncertain and Robert had to stop working. It’s been a stressful time for his family, and it’s been a very long time since they were able to take a vacation and spend time together.

Robert’s oncology team at Abramson Cancer Center knew how much the family would appreciate special time together, so they nominated him for a Travel Respite.

An excerpt from Robert’s nomination packet

Robert, his wife, and their two teenage children will take a break from cancer at Woodloch Resort from April 15 – April 20th! While they are there, 7 other families will also be on respite and the FPS staff will facilitate a few optional group activities that all families will be invited to enjoy. It is our hope that Robert and his family return home with strengthened familial relationships, better communication and new friends that they can lean on!

We are absolutely inspired by Robert’s children and their desire to give back and pay kindness forward.

The Weiners were thrilled when they learned they would take a break from cancer. “They’re giving my family an amazing opportunity to take a break from cancer and to make some loving memories together,” said Robert’s son, Aaron. “I think it’s amazing. It means a lot to me to do it with my dad.”

So moved was Aaron by the FPS community that he chose to raise money for FPS as his bar mitzvah project. “They helped us, so I wanted to help them,” he said. Aaron did so by selling hot chocolate bombs—balls of chocolate you place in a mug and melt with hot milk. (“They’re popular right now,” he explained.) Over several sessions, he made them himself with his “Bubbie,” Ellen Weiner, and his sister, Hailey. “It was great,” Aaron said. “I got to spend quality time with both of them.”

Along with the funds for For Pete’s Sake, Aaron offers advice to families, especially children, who have a family member with cancer. “You have to stay strong through it,” he advised. “Spend time with your family.”

Read more here about Aaron’s project. Mazel tov, Aaron!

You can support Robert’s respite and the other 7 respites scheduled in April by making a tax deductible donation to FPS!

Aaron at his bar mitzvah

Aaron hard at work assembling the hot chocolate bombs

The Weiner Family paying kindness forward to help more families take a break from cancer