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For Pete’s Sake welcomes guest writers in the various areas of health related to our 7 Family Health Pillars.

This nutritional education series, written by Judith Elvira Tobal Betesh, BCHNN, IHHC, FNTP, relates to the Physical Health Pillar. Judith, who battled lymphoma, is an FPS Respite Recipient and traveled to Woodloch Resort with her partner. 

Naturopathy is a method of healing that employs various natural means to empower an individual to achieve the highest level of health possible. As a Recent Cancer Warrior myself , I completely understand the importance of balancing a healthy dose of western and eastern healing modalities.
Health is a term that is difficult to define. While Health is often viewed as simply the absence of disease, the World Health Organization defines it as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well – being, not merely the absence of infirmity.” The question of health or disease often comes down to individual responsibility. In this context, responsibility means choosing a healthful alternative over a less healthful one. If you want to be healthy, simply make healthful choices and take the appropriate action to achieve the results you desire

Achieving and maintaining health will usually be quite easy if you focus on strengthening what is referred to as “The Four Cornerstones Of Good Health.” You can liken these cornerstones to the four legs on a chair or table. If you want that chair or table to remain upright when stress is placed upon it, the four legs must be intact and strong. Likewise if you want to have good – or better yet, IDEAL – health, it is essential that the following four areas be strong:
▪ A positive mental attitude
▪ A healthful lifestyle: exercise, sleep and health habits
▪ A health promoting bio individualized diet
▪ Supplementary measures for nutrient deficiencies

Stay tuned next issue for a breakdown on the four cornerstones that are essential to incorporate into your life for ideal health. But for now, let’s start with the basics – WATER – most of the human body is made up of water. While the human body is an incredible design, it works only as well when it has the essential nutrients it is provided. Let’s Focus on one of the most overlooked nutrients:


Water is SO important but easily forgotten. Water is life giving, without it out our cells cannot communicate, or the lymphatic detox system becomes thick and clogged and our blood is not free flowing. Water lubricates and cushions joints and helps maintain electrical currents between cells. Ideally a person should be drinking at least 1/2 of their bodyweight in ounces per day. If an adult weights 220 pounds , then they need to be drinking 110 ounces of water. 32 ounces of water is 1 Liter- so he would need to have around 3-4 liters a day. Additionally, When one drinks coffee – you would need to add 2 extra cups of water a day to your daily amount.

I often see children playing soccer or baseball and then sucking down bottles and packages of brightly colored sports drinks. This begs the question: are they drinking the right kind of water to replenish what they lost via sweat , are they having the right drink?

Regular sports drinks contain ingredients such as: Water, sucrose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, natural grape flavor with other natural flavors, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, red 40, blue 1. They also typically have fruit-like flavors but labels that say “contain no fruit.”

I’m all for re-hydrating, but are the monopotassium phosphate, mystery “natural flavors,” and artificial dyes really necessary? These ingredients are unhealthy and just aren’t worth it. Not only do most of these sport drinks/Gatorade/Powerade have questionable ingredients but making your own water with Electrolytes is easy, affordable and healthier. Now one can choose a cleaner water to drink and have the correct amount daily but unfortunately there is a possibility of NOT ABSORBING what they are drinking without a very important component that should be in the water: ELECTROLYTES.



Electrolytes are essential to many basic body functions. They play a role in keeping your body hydrated, maintaining cellular homeostasis (balance), as well as conducting nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Since electrolytes play so many important roles, it is important to ensure your body gets the electrolytes it needs to function optimally.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals obtained from the diet that carry an electrical charge. They are absorbed into the body during digestion and present in blood, urine, sweat, and other bodily fluids. The minerals that are classified as electrolytes include: Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium, Phosphate, Potassium and Sodium. Electrolytes are essential minerals that carry an electrical charge.

What Do Electrolytes Do In The Body?

Electrolytes are important because they are involved in:
• The balance of the amount of water in the body
• The balance of your body’s pH level
• The movement of nutrients into cells
• The elimination of waste from cells
• The proper functioning of nerve, muscle, heart, and brain cells

We need each electrolyte in different amounts, and although electrolytes work together synergistically, they each have their own roles. So now that we know that we NEED Electrolytes in all our water that we drink to help us ABSORB our water how do we add it to our water? Simple: Add a dash of Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt and a squeeze of a fresh Lemon or Lime in your water and enjoy!

How to Make Electrolyte Flavored Water

There aren’t really ‘recipes’ to go with any of these. You just basically need water, ice and the ingredients listed below. Make sure to add a dash of sea salt and a squeeze of Lime or Lemon to all the water that you ingest. Use a spoon or something to muddle the fruity/herby ingredients together before adding the water and you’re good to go. The more you muddle and the longer you let the ingredients mix with each other, the stronger the water will be flavored.

Electrolyte Flavored Water Ideas

1. Lime + Pineapple + Coconut Water – a slightly tropical flavor.
2. Raspberry + Rosemary – sweet-tart berry with a sharp flavor coming from the rosemary.
3. Blackberry + Orange – a common flavor combo because of the beautiful way they compliment each other.
4. Strawberry + Mint – refreshing and sweet.
5. Cucumber + Lemon – a light tasting drink that is the epitome of detox water.
6. Mint + Grapefruit – minty fresh, with that sweetness, acidity, and tartness from the grapefruit.
7. Watermelon + Basil – this reminds me of Summer.
8. Blueberry + Lemon – a classic combo that is delicious in all sorts of pastries and now water too!
9. Mango + Ginger – inspired by Asian flavors.
10. Peach + Blackberry – when peaches are in season this is my go-to!
11. Cucumber + Mint + Lime – fresh minty and a little tart.
12. Blackberry + Strawberry + Raspberry – the berry bundle that is always a winner.
13. Watermelon + Mint + Lime – this one is perfect for summertime.
14. Strawberry + Lemon – simple but oh so tasty.
15. Blueberry + Pear – a little more sophisticated for those feeling fancy.
16. Apple + Lemon + Cinnamon Sticks – get ready for fall flavors by continuing to drink detox water!
17. Peach + Watermelon – a summer combo that is oh so sweet.
18. Kiwi + Strawberry + Cucumber – a classic pairing with some extra freshness.
19. Orange+ Lemon + Lime – citrus water over here!
20. Raspberry + Lemon + Mint – sweet-tart berry goodness.
21. Lemon + Lime + Rosemary – acidic and sharpness. A good drink to wake up to!
22. Rosemary + Mint + Basil – herby deliciousness!

23. Lemon + Lavender – a natural stress reliever plus some fresh lemon in the mix.
24. Blueberry + Strawberry – enjoy the fruits of your labor after picking your own berries with the family.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food” -Hippocrates

Judith Elvira Tobal is a Board-certified Holistic Health and Functional Nutrition Practitioner. Her mission is to empower each client to take control of their health and improve their well-being by making sustainable changes appropriate for their own individual lifestyle and needs. Personalized tailored options for nutritional counseling including but not limited to: weight-loss consultation, mindful eating counseling, anti-inflammatory diet recommendations, heart-healthy diet guidelines, navigating food allergies, women’s health, blood sugar regulation, nutrition for disease prevention, cleansing and elimination diet, healthy skin from the inside out, as well as healthy aging through nutritional protocols.

You can reach her at Elvirasallnatural@gmail.com or visit https://www.elvirasallnatural.com/





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