Make the FPS Mission Possible in March

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Kingsley is 52 years old and diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has not been able to work since his diagnosis, and his wife has been working in Vermont although the family lives in Pennsylvania. She can return home only every few weeks due to the cost of travel, and Kingsley’s son has been taking him to treatment. His wife’s employer has been trying to find her a job closer to home, but in the meantime, this family spends little time together as a whole, which is taking a toll on them.

Kingsley was nominated for an FPS Travel Respite by his oncology team at Redeemer Health because they know how much quality time will benefit this family who has been separated for too long!

Kingsley told us,

FPS is putting smiles on my face and my family’s faces! My wife works away from home and comes home when she can to care for me. She is trying to relocate her job so she can be my full time caregiver. My older son takes me to appointments and my other kids have to sometimes help as needed. It was hard to accept the cancer diagnosis in August of 2021 but my family has been so good to me.

This respite will help me take my mind off of this tragic disease, depression and stress. It will also help me bond with my family, get fresh air and experience a new environment.

On behalf of my family, we are grateful for the kind gesture given to us by the For Pete’s Sake family.  May God richly bless you all, the staff and members of For Pete’s Sake Family. My family and I can’t wait for this wonderful respite experience!”

You can give Kingsley and his family a Travel Respite at Woodloch Resort from March 17 – March 22!  Please donate and help us reach our $3,000 fundraising goal for this month. Donate to March’s goal and you’ll receive feedback from Kingsley after the respite.