Make the FPS Mission Possible in November

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Erik’s daughter shaves his head.

Erik is 53 with a glioblastoma. His diagnosis was a huge shock and it turned his family’s life upside down. He can no longer work which has produced financial hardship for the family, and put extra strain on his significant other.

Erik is a dedicated father and companion to his significant other, Kate, and he greets each day with a sense of humor.

Erik’s oncology team at Tidal Health in Maryland knew that a respite experience would give the family an escape from the daily all-consuming cancer treatment Erik endures.

“I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June. I don’t know exactly the amount of time I have left, but it is very important that I spend as much quality time with my three children as I can. I have been unable to work due to my diagnosis, so it’s been difficult to find the finances to do these special and important things with my family. An FPS respite will allow us to leave cancer behind and spend time together.” – Erik

You can give Erik, Kate and his children a Travel Respite at Woodloch Resort from November 14 – November 19!  Please donate and help us reach our $3,000 fundraising goal for this month. Donate to November’s goal and you’ll receive feedback from Erik after the respite!

Erik and Kate ready for his treatment


A silly moment captured with family! More silly moments will be created on respite.


Erik and Kate share an embrace.


Erik and his brothers