9th Annual NYC Happy Hour

9th Annual NYC Happy Hour

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We did it! We surpassed our fundraising goal for our 9th Annual NYC Happy Hour, raising over $114,000!

Thank you for giving so generously so we can continue to provide Travel and Staycation Respite Experiences to adult cancer patients and their loved ones. Erica Lopez, FPS Respite Recipient, was in attendance last night and she shared the incredible news that she is in remission! We invite you to watch her testimony from her Travel Respite here.

We felt the love last night and are so grateful for your support and the leadership of our NY Council. Thank you to Pete Ma, Colleen Koh, Carol Berkery, Cayla Cheng, Mike Gentile, Miranda Ma, Cameron Neely and Rob Piszko.

This is just the beginning; we shared exciting news last night about the future of For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation and hope you will stay connected with us as we make FPS Respite part of integrative cancer care for families in NY, NJ, DE, MD, PA and beyond. 

Photos are available on Facebook. Click here!