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March 31, 2020 – For Pete’s Sake, Make Memories! Productivity for All 

A cancer diagnosis uproots lives and creates the utmost uncertainty for the patients in which we serve. Many of us may be experiencing some feelings of uncertainty in tandem with COVID-19. As we navigate through schedule changes, online learning, and video meetings – it can be overwhelming. Have no fear! FPS is here to help. We’ve developed a kit that will help put some predictability and focus back into your day with our For Pete’s Sake, Make Memories! Productivity For All kit.

This kit provides you with resources to make the most out of your day at home. From creating routines to setting boundaries and making sure you’re getting enough sleep – this kit will help kick-start your productivity to new heights! We continue to think of you, our FPS community during this time. We know things may seem difficult now, but we will preserve through together!

Do you have any productivity tips that you didn’t see included in our kit? Please leave a comment below with what you’ve been doing to stay focused and productive!