We believe that a cancer diagnosis affects the cancer patient, the caregiver and the family members in complex ways. Our hope for each of our travelers is that while on respite, they laugh a little louder, hug a little more and recognize that love defines their life story, not cancer.

We strive to create a meaningful experience for each traveler and ask our patients and nominators to complete pre and post respite outcome measures. We invite you to view the results below. We are proud to report that 100% of nominators report post-respite improvement in their patient’s outlook on cancer. To request past year’s outcome measures, please email Amber@takeabreakfromcancer.org.

Patient Outcome Measures (Completed Monthly)

17-18 Patient Outcome Measures

Oncology Team Outcome Measures (Completed Quarterly)

17-18 Oncology Team Measures

Patient Demographic Matrix

For Pete’s Sake tracks information about all Patients in its Patient Demographic Matrix. This information includes: ethnicity, gender, age category, county, state, cancer type and treatment center. View the Patient Demographic Matrix to see a complete breakdown of our program, the number served and the specifics of each patient.

05-17 Patient Demographic Matrix

Our Research Project

FPS has modeled its program with a focus on the overall concept of coping with cancer by the entire family unit, including patient, caregiver and often, young children. Our program advocates for an underserved population – the young family affected by a cancer diagnosis. As part of our continuum of care, we inspire young families to look for and experience everyday moments of respite together. FPS is further developing its evidence based program model with assistance from Dr. Natalie Hamrick and Dr. Ruth McCorkle.

Studying qualitative and quantitative data routinely obtained by FPS staff following a family respite, Dr. Hamrick has identified four common themes associated with a break from cancer:

1) Relationship Quality Among Family Members (includes spouses and children of varying ages)
2) Work and Life Endurance/ Renewed Stamina
3) Patient Treatment Compliance and
4) Joy/Mental Break.

These four themes are being studied in a formal research project with the goal to further support the necessity of a break from cancer and related emotional respite as a family and social support to improve connections not only within the immediate family unit, but with other natural societal connections including those with one’s medical team, work community, neighborhood community and patient community.

Inquire about our program

Are you or someone you know interested in our program? Only Oncology Team members are permitted to make a nomination to our program, and new nominators must undergo a brief in-service to learn about our mission and guidelines. Please contact us using the appropriate form below and we’ll contact you within 72 business hours.

In order to ensure an efficient process, please review some of our guidelines to ensure eligibility for our respite program. We are a small nonprofit and are trying our best to help as many people as possible while maintaining the integrity of our mission.

  • Patient must be between 24-55 years of age with a physician diagnosis of cancer.
  • Patient must be in active treatment within the last 6 months (chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery).
  • Patient has not traveled on a self-funded vacation or a vacation through another nonprofit organization or individual since diagnosis or recurrence.
  • Patient must be able to travel within 120 days of nomination and the destination must be mutually agreed upon depending on availability of respite locations.
  • Preference is given to patients residing in PA, NJ, DE, NY and MD but patients outside of this area will be considered.

Patient? Oncology Professional?

Are you a friend or family member of a cancer patient? Contact us and we’ll explain how our program works. Or simply give our website information to the oncology professional involved in the patient’s treatment and have them complete the form above.

Get Involved with FPS

Can’t give a financial contribution? There are many great ways to help people take a break from cancer. FPS hosts several major events throughout the year, and also many community organized events. We are always looking for hosts, sponsors, donors and volunteers.
Learn How

Are you an adult cancer patient? Our mission is to provide adult cancer patients, their caregivers and their children with a break from cancer at one of our respite locations. Respite locations are decided based on availability and we cannot promise a specific respite location when you inquire.

Are you a healthcare professional? If you are a first time nominator, you must schedule a brief phone in-service to educate yourself with our mission and guidelines. If you are a repeat nominator, please feel free to submit your nomination via the forms you have on file.