Robert and his family
pay it forward!

“You have to stay strong
and spend time with your family.”

Our Cancer Journey

In November 2020, Robert Weiner, age 46, received shocking news. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma.

The future became uncertain and Robert had to stop working. It’s been a stressful time for his family, and it’s been a very long time since they were able to take a vacation and spend time together.

The Weiners were thrilled when they learned they would take a break from cancer. “They’re giving my family an amazing opportunity to take a break from cancer and to make some loving memories together,” said Robert’s son, Aaron. “I think it’s amazing. It means a lot to me to do it with my dad.”

So moved was Aaron by the FPS community that he chose to raise money for FPS as his bar mitzvah project. “They helped us, so I wanted to help them,” he said. Aaron did so by selling hot chocolate bombs—balls of chocolate you place in a mug and melt with hot milk. (“They’re popular right now,” he explained.) Over several sessions, he made them himself with his “Bubbie,” Ellen Weiner, and his sister, Hailey. “It was great,” Aaron said. “I got to spend quality time with both of them.”

Along with the funds for For Pete’s Sake, Aaron offers advice to families, especially children, who have a family member with cancer. “You have to stay strong through it,” he advised. “Spend time with your family.”


Our Break From Cancer

The Weiner family took a break from cancer at Woodloch Resort and enjoyed precious time together! Watch their video below to see the impact.

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Our Travelers take a break from what life with cancer has become with doctor visits, surgery, tests and treatment. Through a unique gift of time together, they create priceless magical, memorable moments, experience immeasurable joy amidst devastating crisis, confront cancer hardships together and find emotional healing, hope and happiness during an uncertain and tumultuous time.


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