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Travel Pete’s Partners

For Pete’s Sake provides respite vacations to approximately 160 families annually. We own two vacation homes in Florida that operate at full capacity and we need the help of our resort and hotel partners to give the gift of time to more families!

We are proud to partner with quality vacation partners including Apple Vacations, Woodloch Resorts, Cape Resorts and the Tropicana.

To protect the integrity of our program, we request a minimum of 4 nights, and a maximum of 7 nights to be donated by our Travel Partners. These respite vacations are life-changing experiences for our families, giving them time to laugh, love and reflect in a cost-free, care-free setting.  In order to maximize the donation, we can utilize mid-week donations or donations during times which would be most beneficial for the specific destination.

We provide you with feedback about the respite vacation, including photos and testimonies from the patients, and can work with you to engage your staff with our mission. This partnership gives an opportunity to see philanthropy in action!

We also accept donations of transportation and entertainment!

If you’d like to transform lives with FPS, please contact Amber Mercado or call (267) 708-0510.