Make the FPS Mission Possible in August

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Nahomi was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in December 2020. She immediately went on very strong chemotherapy and for 5 months, her and her family’s lives were focused on one thing: survival.

Nahomi is grateful for the sacrifices her husband and children have made; quarantining from others, working from home, and doing online school all while caring for her. She wanted to find a special way to thank them, and to spend some special time together, so when her oncology team told her about the FPS Travel Respite program, she was ecstatic to participate!

“I feel so fortunate that my oncology team nominated me and my family for a Travel Respite. Through this nomination I learned about all the wonderful work that For Pete’s Sake does. As a patient that has spent the last seven months focusing on surviving cancer, so many other aspects of my life were neglected. Towards the end of chemotherapy, I remember specifically thinking how great it would be to do something with my family that did not revolve around treatment.

The experiences that For Pete’s Sake provides to families like mine are priceless. It’s so wonderful that after the emotional, physical, and financial burden of cancer, there is someone there who is willing to care for a patient and their family. For Pete’s Sake is helping me and my loved ones regain what cancer tried to take.” – Nahomi

You can give Nahomi’s family and others the benefits of Travel Respite at Woodloch Resort from August 27 – September 1!  Please donate and help us reach our $5,000 fundraising goal for this month. Donate to August’s goal and you’ll receive feedback from Nahomi and her family after the respite.