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March 26, 2020 – For Pete’s Sake, Make Memories! Movement Matters 

Social distancing and staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the activities you’ve always loved. FPS is here to help you stay active and keep your body moving!

From simple tasks like making your bed every morning to fun indoor activities that get you and your loved ones’ blood pumping, we’ve put together a kit filled with fun resources to help you remember to move! Movement helps relieve stress, and during these times of uncertainty, we want to help you elevate stress in whatever way we can!

Our respite program offers cancer patients and their loved ones with the unique gift of time together. While you’re at home with your family, you still can create priceless magical, memorable moments and experience immeasurable joy in an uncertain and tumultuous time. Making time for movement together is a great way to help accomplish this!

Click here to download our For Pete’s Sake, Make Memories! Keep Active kit, and remember to take a break to move today!