In memory of James T. Fitzpatrick “Fitzy” and his Family  

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Memories of Fitzy and his Family

Please join us in raising money for a family who is desperately in need of getting away from cancer treatment and building great memories. Dad was always joking and we are going to reflect on all of that humor to write a quick funny or memorable experience with Dad with your donation.

Our family would love to compile all of these memories from friends and family, while we look to raise enough money to give a family a respite from cancer. Dad loved his beach vacations and days at the shore, so I think he would be proud to help a family escape the treatment of cancer and get away and build memories.

Suzanne Fitzpatrick| 1/27/21
Dad always loved to make jokes, make people laugh and speak his mind. When our rabbit was diagnosed with Rolling Rabbits Disease, Dad said to the doctor “Do you make this stuff up as you go along.” I was stunned and laughing inside at the same time.

Todd Rose| 2/5/21
Mr. Fitz decides to drive home from SC vacation after eating a beef stew lunch and falls asleep at the wheel on I95. We threw him in the back seat and he says “I am awake now.”

Kerlin Family| 2/5/21
Jim and Rosemary, Mike and I – great neighbors for 46 years. Jim was our renovator and builder – we had “the house that Jim built!” He worked to the rhythm of Country Music and was a Puzzle Master at solving problems and answering questions!

Barbara Slawek | 2/15/21
Jim “Fitzy” was a kind, handsome, magical carpenter. He was the best basketball player in our grade! My friend for 8 years at St. John’s & my husband’s for 8 at St. Joe’s Prep and University. Friends forever!

Jake Schock | 2/16/21
I am always reminded of Uncle Jim, when he helped me build a soap box car for Boy Scouts. We didn’t follow the guidelines, so the car wasn’t heavy enough to make it to the bottom of the ramp. When Uncle Jim found out that our car didn’t cross the finish line, he said “I guess we should have followed the instructions”.

Carol Morris | 2/16/21

Brud and Pam Shaw | 2/16/21

When Pam & I sat down to come up with one or two particular memories of Jim we concluded that this was an impossible task. Our relationship with the Fitzpatricks began when Rosemary and Pam became best friends when they were 2 years old. It continued through grade school, boyfriends, and then along came Jim & Brud with weddings, baby showers and babies, vacations, parties and then grandkids. It was like we were part of each others family over 70 years.

When we lost Rosemary and then too shortly thereafter Fitzy died we were devastated. What they left us was not one or two special moments, but rather a lifetime of treasured memories.

Donna Fitzpatrick | 7/13/21

My favorite Christmas Eve memories are when Uncle Jimmy and Sue would stop by to spread holiday cheer as well as share their Christmas Eve shopping experiences. Always a good laugh.

Suzanne Fitzpatrick | 7/14/21

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mom’s passing. It was one of the toughest and most peaceful days at 4017 South Warner Road. Dad, your love, loyalty and strength thru Mom’s darkest days was amazing. You both are missed everyday! The Roses

Jessica Doran| 7/18/21