In Honor Of john kovatch

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Messages from John’s Family & Friends

The Schanks | 5/27/20
John – thank you for your dedication to so many young volleyball players and to FPS families. Your commitment is a shining light for so many you have touched with your efforts.

Sue, Todd, Kayleigh & Aidan Rose | 6/2/20
John Kovatch…You have always been a guiding light for the girls that you have coached.  I got to know you when Kaitlyn was in 3rd grade and we started doing volleyball clinics together.  Now she is about to graduate 8th grade and you have stayed true in using your coaching platform to help young families who are fighting cancer.  I will always be grateful for taking the step to reach out to Helena’s Volleyball while I was coaching at SPN.  As we coached together, you have been an inspiration and made me a better person just by knowing you and your family.   Thank you for all your dedication in helping the girls learn the sport of volleyball, while also, keeping them focused on life’s bigger picture through your affiliation with For Pete’s Sake.  God Bless and best of luck in your next chapter!

The Moore Family | 6/2/20
John –  Thanks for your enthusiasm and tireless efforts, not only to the SHS and TNT girls’ volleyball programs and teaching them the S.W.E.A.T. principles important to Catholic youth athletics, but also being a beacon of light in your volunteer actions and commitment to help many people through For Pete’s Sake.

Val, Al, Aly and Nicholas Wines | 6/5/20

John, thank you for your dedication to the SHS Girls’ Volleyball program. Aly really learned a lot from you during the summer practices that you held with Sue last year along with the preseason SHS practice sessions. It was Aly’s first year and you really made her feel welcomed! You seem to have a wonderful talent of bringing out the best in all who meet you and we are fortunate to be in that group! Wishing you the best as you move on to your next venture! Thank you again for all you do!

The Burke Family | 6/4/20

Thank you for being such a positive role model for everyone you meet!  Your energy and your love for volleyball is contagious.  We are all so blessed to call you a friend and doubly blessed to have had you positively impact the lives of our children.  All our love.

The Inforzato Family | 6/4/20

Thanks so much for all you have done over the years for Saint Helena’s volleyball program and For Pete’s Sake.  Your dedication and enthusiasm is amazing, and you really set a great example for others to follow.  We appreciate all you have done and wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Matt Davidson | 6/2/20

John is so much fun and patient and is interested in seeing everyone develop to their full potential! He will be missed!

Sean Walker | 6/18/20

John thanks for all of your effort setting the example of how we can all strive to become better holistic CYO coaches.

The Organsky Family | 6/18/20

Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do for St. Helena’s and For Pete’s Sake! John, you always have a smile on your face and willing to lend a helping hand when needed. We truly appreciate your sharing of your time and talents at SHS.

Danielle Rolley | 6/18/20

John congratulations on a much-deserved award! You have been very giving of your time at St. Helena. All of my girls have had you as a coach and mentor in some way or another whether it be volleyball, basketball or clinics. Your passion and enthusiasm for volleyball and sports in general is wonderful and our family appreciates all of your selfless contributions!