Make the FPS Mission Possible in January

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Brooke is a young mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29 weeks pregnant with twins. The diagnosis was traumatic for Brooke, her husband and their family. They were already busy raising their 2 year old, excited to expand their family, and were shocked by the news of cancer.

Brooke was nominated to take a break from cancer by her oncology team at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center. Brooke, herself, is an RN and her good friend and coworker, Miranda, had the honor of nominating Brooke’s family for a respite experience.

Miranda shared an emotional letter with us as she nominated Brooke for her respite. You can read it below.

“Brooke is an ideal candidate for the FPS mission. She’s not just a breast cancer patient, she is my friend and coworker. She’s dedicated her career to oncology patients and is an exceptional nurse. She makes it a point to get to know our patients on a personal level, and it’s reassuring for them to know they are not just another person in a treatment chair.

Brooke and her husband, Nate, have 3 adorable children. They struggled for years with infertility and were blessed with their daughter in 2019 after a successful IVF treatment. Wanting to expand their family, they decided to go another round of IVF even though the first time was not easy. One embryo was implanted and it happened to split into two – identical twin boys were on the way! It was a terrifying and exciting time as they planned to go from 1 to 3 kids. In April, while very pregnant, Brooke felt a lump in her breast and learned that it was breast cancer.

A lot of times, I help patients who are overwhelmed and terrified. I’ve helped patients before who are diagnosed while pregnant. But this time, it was my friend. I hear in much more detail her fears and worries. Brooke has been consumed by her diagnosis, sitting around, watching her family and imagining not being there and not seeing her kids grow up. Brooke’s diagnosis is favorable, and we are grateful, but it doesn’t take away the fear. When you work in oncology, you know patients with a great prognosis can relapse and the fear is real.

I know a respite experience will be a nice change of pace for their family. Thank you for your consideration!”

You can give Brooke, Nate and their children a Travel Respite at Woodloch Resort from January 27 – February 1!  Please donate and help us reach our $3,000 fundraising goal for this month. Donate to January’s goal and you’ll receive feedback from Brooke after the respite.