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In Memory ofDate LaunchedLaunched By
Michael LangevinAugust 13, 2019Sarah Langevin Hopkins
John and Aloyse CraigAugust 16, 2019Anjelica Hicks
Dave DuemlerAugust 26, 2019Lisa Duemler
Erin PredigerAugust 27, 2019Mallory Jill Prediger
Judith C. TurnerAugust 27, 2019Pamela Brumbaugh
Meghan M. McKeeverAugust 29, 2019Mariann Frei
Biruta AlleAugust 29, 2019Linda Alle-Murphy
Kurt WunderSeptember 3, 2019Nile Linn
Shelly WaltherSeptember 25, 2019Amy Egrie
Lewis DuboseOctober 4, 2019Alexis Dubose
John V. HassonDecember 3, 2019Anne Porter
Joanne MooreDecember 3. 2019Jennifer Wagner
Eileen MazzarellaDecember 3, 2019Janet Fries
Frank FoglioDecember 3, 2019Marie McKinney
Marc MandevilleDecember 3, 2019Thomas Mandeville
Rebecca FisherDecember 3, 2019Toni Duncan
Sara BolgerDecember 3, 2019Toni Duncan
Nick SelviDecember 6, 2019Mary Doyle
Sara B. LaganelliDecember 6, 2019Shirley Dilworth-Erney
Frank FoglioDecember 10, 2019Barbara Bailey
George GavioliDecember 10, 2019Adrienne M. Bilotta
Michelle RubeoDecember 10, 2019Dolores Rubeo
Rachel GernerdDecember 10, 2019Maria Franzoni
Lisa Ann ZychowiczDecember 10, 2019Carmen Adamo
Matthew AnzideoDecember 13, 2019Jennifer Lowman
Edmund ButlerDecember 17, 2019Joan McCreary
Susan KershnerDecember 17, 2019June Ashmar
Tanya WoodsDecember 20, 2019James Woods
Alycia AndrosDecember 31, 2019Robert F. Good
David DeumlerDecember 31, 2019Denis Pancoast
David J. McDonnelDecember 31, 2019Mary McDonnel
Douglas A. PerrineDecember 31, 2019Joan Perrine Ruth
Francis LoughryDecember 31, 2019Maryann Loughry
Laura Bailey-PeetrosDecember 31, 2019Christopher Peetros
Lauren CurranApril 7, 2020George Curran
Fred WeinerMay 19, 2020For Pete's Sake