Make the FPS Mission Possible in September

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A message from FPS Traveler, Monica, age 38, who will take a break from cancer with her family in September at Woodloch Resort:

“I was diagnosed in September 2020 with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  I was also 9 weeks pregnant.  

I went through 3 surgeries and 4 rounds of chemo while pregnant before delivering my miracle baby 5 weeks early.  She spent 2 weeks in the NICU before coming home.  Once she came home I resumed another 12 rounds of chemo.  Then started 5 weeks of daily radiation which I just completed in August 2021.   

I’m a single mom of 6 kids so this past year has been very hard on all of us.  Time away to focus on just us as a family would be so beneficial to all of us.  Chemo was extremely hard on me and the side effects have sadly affected my daily activities.  My kids saw me at my lowest and extremely sick.  Having time to focus on the family and having them see me better is so important to me. We are very excited to make memories and just have time to relax.”

You can give Monica, her children and her mother the benefits of Travel Respite at Woodloch Resort from September 12 – September 17!  Please donate and help us reach our $3,000 fundraising goal for this month. Donate to September’s goal and you’ll receive feedback from Monica and her family after the respite.