Support the fps Staycation Respite Program

Support a family today!

As we continue to navigate throughout this time of uncertainty, I ask you, as a loyal FPS supporter, to be part of launching our Staycation Respite Program on a widespread scale. We are currently piloting this program with a limited number of cancer institutions with the goal to open more broadly after this pilot has been completed. Until May 21, your generosity will be matched by a $40,000 gift from three loyal donors, including Blue Bell Private Wealth Management. The confidence I have in you, our community members, remains unwavering. I know that together we can continue to provide life-changing respite experiences to the underserved adult cancer patient population.

For Pete’s Sake provides transformational time for patients and their families to Take a Break from Cancer with our Travel Respite Program. COVID-19 has not stopped us from serving cancer patients. We have quickly pivoted to provide more of our Staycation Respite Experiences. A Staycation Respite encourages the patient, caregiver and family to Take A Break at Home and provides resources to address the emotional, psychosocial, financial and spiritual needs of the family unit. Respite is respite, regardless of where, when and how. Each family experiences peace, solace, comfort, connection and conversation. Gift amounts correspond to some of the items included within our Staycation package.