Kavin Felt Like Himself Again!

“We have rejuvenated ourselves from the daily drag of cancer!”

Thomas and His Family Found Adventure

“We had a chance to create wonderful memories: the kind that my wife and I want for each other, and that we want for our children.”

Our Cancer Journey

“My wife and I got married in July 2016. Our plan was to have kids, one by 2018 and another two years after that. We work hard as a couple to save up as much as we can, so we can achieve our goals. However, in May 2017 I received shocking news that I had a tumor in my stomach. Since that day, things haven’t been the same.

Every minute of my time is dedicated to cancer – researching chemo drugs, side effects and everything else about cancer. I can’t take my mind off it. When I discovered For Pete’s Sake, I read Pete’s story and realized that this horrible disease took so much from me, so why not try to forget about it and enjoy what’s left?

My goal now is to create as many memories as I can with my remaining time, and enjoy what is left. Since the day we got married, my wife and I haven’t had a real vacation – not even a honeymoon. I want to get away and only think about good times.”


Our Break From Cancer

“Thanks to FPS, we traveled to Hilton Head, SC. It was great to get away from cancer and spend time with my wife. I felt like myself again!

The cancer journey is hard for me, but it is also difficult for my wife. It was nice to see her smile again and enjoy time without having to worry about taking me to chemo. Seeing my wife happy again makes me even stronger. I used to think this cancer will destroy my life, and didn’t see a point in fighting the battle. But now I know, it’s not just about me. It’s about everyone around me. I need to stay strong and live for them. Spending every second with my wife and family for as long as I can is my new goal.”

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Our Travelers take a break from what life with cancer has become with doctor visits, surgery, tests and treatment. Through a unique gift of time together, they create priceless magical, memorable moments, experience immeasurable joy amidst devastating crisis, confront cancer hardships together and find emotional healing, hope and happiness during an uncertain and tumultuous time.


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