Vicklan slowed down and
spent time with his boys!

“Thank you for giving us
family time.’”

Vicklan slowed down and spent time with his boys

“Thank you for giving us family time.’”

Our Cancer Journey

One of our Oncology Team members, Mary Oleksiak, a social worker, shares why she nominated her patient, Vicklan, and his family for an FPS Travel Respite:

“I nominated Vicklan and his family for an FPS Travel Respite Experience because he’s a guy in his forties, who was just working hard and trying to support his family when he was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer! It came out of nowhere and he was quickly incapacitated enough to be unable to work. That put an immediate financial strain on this young family and so much pressure on his wife, Jillian, to support them.

We worked on things like accepting that he’s unable to get back to work and getting health insurance when he lost his after not working anymore. This family has been distracted with so many practical issues in addition to dealing with such a serious illness. Vicklan has had oral chemo, a few rounds of radiation, chemo infusions, and many side effects from it all. His kids have seen him so sick and wondered when he’d feel better just to play with them!

This respite will be an opportunity for them to just get away, take a break from treatments and have some fun as a family. It will be time for two sons to just BE with their dad – to just love each other. I want this family to create a memory of a fun week that will take them through the rest of treatment, which will probably always be a part of their lives. I hope it’s something these boys will remember and treasure forever!


Our Break From Cancer

Vicklan and his family enjoyed a Travel Respite to Woodloch Resort. Watch this short video to hear their testimony!

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