FPS Volunteer Spotlight on Mary Ann

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Mary Ann, a passionate volunteer at FPS, not only dedicates her time but also contributes her unique skill of crafting memory bears for families grieving the loss of loved ones to cancer. She shared a heartfelt message about her reasons for giving back, hoping to motivate others to join the volunteering movement at FPS. If you’re inspired and want more information about how you can contribute, please visit our volunteer page here.

As a volunteer with For Pete’s Sake for the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with a great team who are responsible for the success of this organization. They are extremely compassionate and caring about their work and the families whom they support.

My connection with FPS started when my niece, Carey, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the opportunity to enjoy a FPS respite. To this day, she remembers mostly the “peacefulness” and the uninterrupted time spent having fun with her husband and son. There were many activities that they participated in as a family, and she also felt much joy watching her son interact with the other children at the respite. Knowing how much good the organization does and having it touch my life so personally, I decided to join their volunteer group.

After retiring several years ago, I prayed for a new purpose and a way to give back since I have been blessed in so many ways in my life. One of those blessings was a wonderful mother who taught me how to sew at a young age. Hence, my love of sewing and desire to give back led me to make Memory Bears for various hospices. Recently, I have partnered with FPS by offering my services to the family members who have lost loved ones to cancer and would like to remember them with a Memory Bear, which I pray will give them some comfort in their grief.

Being a part of FPS has been a truly positive and joyful experience, one that I hope will continue well into the future. If you are interested in a memory bear, please email Mary Ann at mmaugle@yahoo.com