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By Donald Wittkowski

For most of her life, Donna Black never knew anyone close to her who had cancer. All that changed, however, with a cancer diagnosis in March 2015.

It was her own. Her doctor told her she was suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer, the most advanced form of the disease.

“My doctor said he could not cure it, but he could treat it,” said Black, 53, a resident of Sea Isle City for 35 years.

At one point during Black’s chemotherapy treatments, her 60-year-old husband, Paul, became ill with pancreatitis and required an extended hospital stay.

They were both being treated at the same Philadelphia hospital. Paul recovered, but the stress and physical hardships associated with Donna’s illness left both of them needing a respite from cancer.

It was then that a nonprofit organization called For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation stepped in and sent them on vacation to the Caribbean paradise of Punta Cana in October 2017. The trip was donated by Apple Vacations, a travel partner with For Pete’s Sake.

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