Nahomi Loved Saying
YES to her kids!

“This respite has been 
about reconnecting.”

Nahomi Loved Saying Yes to her Kids!

“This respite has been about reconnecting.”

Our Cancer Journey

“I feel so fortunate that my oncology team nominated me and my family for a Travel Respite. Through this nomination I learned about all the wonderful work that For Pete’s Sake does. As a patient that has spent the last seven months focusing on surviving cancer, so many other aspects of my life were neglected. Towards the end of chemotherapy, I remember specifically thinking how great it would be to do something with my family that did not revolve around treatment.

The experiences that For Pete’s Sake provides to families like mine are priceless. It’s so wonderful that after the emotional, physical, and financial burden of cancer, there is someone there who is willing to care for a patient and their family. For Pete’s Sake is helping me and my loved ones regain what cancer tried to take.”


Our Break From Cancer

Nahomi and her family took a break from cancer at Woodloch Resort! Please watch their video below to learn the lasting impact of their respite.

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Our Travelers take a break from what life with cancer has become with doctor visits, surgery, tests and treatment. Through a unique gift of time together, they create priceless magical, memorable moments, experience immeasurable joy amidst devastating crisis, confront cancer hardships together and find emotional healing, hope and happiness during an uncertain and tumultuous time.


Give A Break From Cancer

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