For Pete’s Sake, Walk! 2023 FAQ

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Registration Questions

Q. Is there a fee to participate in the For Pete’s Sake, Walk!?

A. Yes, the registration fee for Adults Aged 19 and Up is $10, for students 6-18 $10, for Children 5 and under, there is no registration fee.

Q. Can I use my login information from a previous year?

A. No, last year our website was hosted by a different provider. We’ve upgraded our website to provide a more user friendly experience for our walks. In most cases, you will need to create a new account with Classy.

Q. I have lost/forgotten my login information, can I retrieve it?

A. Yes, either by clicking the prompt on the Login screen “Forgot password?” or by contacting Julia Neff at or 570-266-8992.

Q. Can I register multiple members of my family or group at one time?

A. Yes, the very first step in our registration process is to select the number of people you plan to register for the walk. You will need the birthdate for each person you are registering, but you are not required to provide a unique email for each person you are registering for the walk.

Q. Can I register more members to my team several days or weeks later?

A. Yes, you will be able to register additional people and use the same contact information and email address that was used the first time you completed the registration process. Reminder, you will need the birthdate for each person you are registering.

Q. What does my registration give me access to at the Walk?

A. Registration for the For Pete’s Sake, Walk! includes access to the event, a variety of snacks from our food and beverage sponsors, and the opportunity to take keepsake photos!

Q. How do I get a walk t-shirt?

A. Your walk registration fee does not include a t-shirt. All walkers that raise or donate $50 by April 17, 2023, will receive an official 2023 For Pete’s Sake, Walk t-shirt. We have tools and tips to make it possible for our walkers to reach this fundraising goal.

Q. Can I walk Virtually?

A. Yes, you can Walk Anywhere! And we encourage it. If you can’t make the date, aren’t comfortable in crowds, or live too far away, please join us in spirit! Click “register” and look for the virtual option. You’ll still get all the personal fundraising incentives, including the official For Pete’s Sake, Walk t-shirt if you raise $50 or more! You can walk anywhere you’d like between April 22nd and May 6th and your contribution will help our overall fundraising goal.

Need further assistance with registration or your team page? Please contact Julia Neff at

Event Day Questions

Q. What time does the walk start?
A. Registration opens at 4 PM and you’re able to enjoy activities, food and music in the concourse. Please ensure you arrive by 5 PM, as we will kick-off the walk at that time. You may park as early as 3 PM in Lot P.

Q. Where is registration located?
A. Registration is located outside of the first base gate

Q. Where do we park?
A. Complimentary parking is located in Lot P off of Darien Street. Please only park in Lot P – other lots may be charging to park in the event of a Sixers game. You can park as early as 3 PM.

Q. Is there Stroller Parking?
A. Stroller parking is available on the concourse at Section’s 111 and 112.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. The FPS walk is a rain or shine event. The Phillies ground crew does make the final decision about walking the bases however. Weather will not affect the dugout photos.

Q. Do you accept day-of registrations?

A. We do accept day-of registrations! Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. Online registration closes on Friday, April 28, 2023 at noon.


Donation Questions

Q. Can I donate to a specific individual or team?

A. Yes, scroll to “Support a Fundraiser” to search for a fundraiser or team to support and you will be brought to a screen that allows you to search for individual Walkers or a Team. There is also an option on the donation page to credit your donation to a specific fundraiser or team.

Q. Is my donation counted towards the Walker’s or Team’s goal?

A. Yes, if you donate to a specific person or team, that donation will be reflected on their individual/team page, as well as contributing to the overall goal and progress meter displayed on the home page of the event.

Q. Will my donation amount be displayed?

A .It is possible that you made a general donation to the walk or a general donation to the team and not an individual walker. If you would like assistance in transferring your donation to be displayed on an individual walker’s page, please contact Julia Neff at or 570-266-8992.

Q. Do I have to have a credit card to donate?

A. No, you may mail a check or form of payment other than a credit card to For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation at 620 West Germantown Pike, Suite 250 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. Be sure to include the name of the Team and/or Walker that you are supporting, so we may properly inform them of your kind support of their efforts.


Any questions or concerns beyond these can be directed to Cheryl Pompeo at