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In October, we introduced our community to a book called After Cancer Care co-written by Drs. Gerald Lemole, Pallav Mehta and Dwight McKee. Written for cancer patients and caregivers, but applicable to everyone, this book offers healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. We were pleased to welcome Dr. Mehta, Director of Integrative Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, as a guest speaker at our Healing, Hope and Happiness Dinner and enjoyed his knowledgeable perspective on the role of emotional health during the cancer journey. We have found the book enlightening and we appreciate it’s approach to addressing mental, physical and emotional health.

Dr. Mehta is also one of the medical team members on the Your Health Solution website, which offers empowerment tools and ongoing support to help people take charge of their cancer. We thought you might be interested in learning more about a few promotions through our partnership Your Health Solution.

  • You can purchase your own copy of After Cancer Care for yourself or a loved one and FPS will receive 15% of your purchase. Be sure to use this link to purchase the book (as it is available at other online retailers): click here.
  • For Pete’s Sake supporters are offered the Everyday Thrive Shake at a discounted price and for every purchase of Everyday Thrive Shake, Solutions 4 Health will donate 15% to For Pete’s Sake and help families take a break from cancer. Everyday THRIVE Shake was developed by a leading integrative oncologist and helps gently and naturally remove harmful toxins in your body and revitalize yourimmune system. It’s helpful in supporting your body if you’ve gone through treatment, but also great for general health and disease prevention. Jumpstart your healthy life with a boost from Everyday THRIVE Shake. Get 20% OFF your first month now! Use promo code FPS20. Order Now!
  • Visit YourHealthSolution.com for a free sign up to help cancer patients receive personalized wellness plans, empowerment tools & ongoing support.