FPS Key Strategic Initiatives

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As we move through our year, we are excited to share our key strategic initiatives and a proposal for a twelve-month program project which will directly support our ability to respond to the mental health, emotional well-being and psycho-social needs of the underserved young adult cancer population ages 24 to 55 and their families by meeting the following three objectives directly related to our respite vacation program and FPS ancillary support:

a. Improve collaboration and communication surrounding our proven respite vacation model and expanded staycation model via the implementation of an internal and external technological platform using Salesforce as its base.

b. Integration of these improvements with related website enhancements and improved healthcare professional and patient education via the website about the impact of respite and its statistically significant benefits, reflecting the Take a Break theme for broad based community stakeholders.

c. Rebranding and expansion of the Take a Break Box for Travel and for Home, providing ancillary materials to promote respite, improved mental health and strengthened emotional and psycho-social well-being during a family’s journey with cancer with the introduction of a pilot program powered by the expansion of technology and website platforms as above outlined.

Click here to view our project plan and key strategic initiatives.