MAke Memories at Home

Make Memories at Home

We are bringing our Staycation Respite Program concept to you so you can make memories during this time with your loved ones!

Self-care kit 

We encourage you to embrace self-care in several ways – from baths to baking – puzzles to prayers – and our Making Memories Self-Care Kit has twelve ways to do so!

Stay active

Physical distancing and staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the activities you’ve always loved. FPS is here to help you stay active and keep your body moving!

Productivity for all

As we navigate through schedule changes, online learning, and video meetings – it can be overwhelming. Have no fear! FPS is here to help.

Community Care

In this time of uncertainty, let’s come together to celebrate each other. While we are asked to keep a distance from one another physically, let’s not forget that we are still here for one another as a resource to spread our light and love with others socially!

Fun For all

We want to remind you that at a time where so many aspects of our lives may feel like they’ve been put on hold, having FUN has not!

Earth day

Use the suggested activities to help care for Earth, all while spending time with your loved ones and having fun, sharing more smiles and making memorable moments together.